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OL20M/ OL22M Alloy film heater


-3 heating power selection

-Mica heating element

-Adjustable thermostat

-Auto thermostat control on and off

-Over-heating protection

-Tip-over switch

-360 degree surround heating

-Low noise turbo fan for fast heating

-Castor wheel for easy movement

Technical parameters: 

Specification OL20M OL22M
Voltage 220V/50Hz/60Hz 220V/50Hz/60Hz
Power input 2000W 2200W
Power switch 600W/1400W/2000W 700W/1500W/2200W
Heating element Alloy film Alloy film
Control Mechanical Mechanical
Installation Freestanding, portable Freestanding, portable
Timer No No
Material Plastic and metal Plastic and metal
Applicable area 16-20㎡ 18-22㎡
Colour Black/ white Black/ white
Weight 3.7/4.8kg 3.7/4.8kg
Product size 280(L)*280(W)*560(H) 280(L)*280(W)*560(H)
Packing size
348(L)*348(W)*630(H) 348(L)*348(W)*630(H)
Loading quantity(20/40GP/40HQ) 342/705/813 342/705/813

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