12 years of professional heating appliances .Products are exported to at home and abroad more than 20 countries

Is a professional engaged in , air convection heating appliance product design and development, manufacturing and sales of company

Products are exported to overseas near twenty countries, the export rate reaches as high as 65%


Internationalization of production process management

Strictly abide by the regular production process. ( good quality = specification production and strict control)

In strict accordance with the international standard test professional authority through the , security, performance test


Humanized service for your worry, and effort

Abandon the traditional drawings according to production innovation mode, special design and development

According to the manufacturer's warranty regulations to provide
free warranty repair service;

Customer service

Strong after-sale support, after-sales without worries

Long term customer orders for a full year, the company given stock, solution you delivery problems

Bulk cargo, Pearl River Delta customers with free delivery to the door

About Lontanabout Lontan

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Kyoto Industrial Company Limited is a company specializing in heating appliances, air convection product design and development , manufacturing and sales . founded in 2001,located in Kowloon , Hong Kong . in 2003...More>>

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